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Our Companies

Craft Materials
  1. Ashok Leather Enterprises

Ashok Leather Enterprises is our most experienced company which has industry expertise of more than 35 years.

We are the official partner of ‘Tata International Leather divison’ and we deal in high quality premium leather.

Thanks to the skills and experience of two generations who have continually reinvented the business.

2. Indraprastha Soles Pvt Ltd

Indraprastha Soles is a private limited company established in year 2007 which is engaged in manufacturing of soles or in-soles, shoes components etc with an aim  to help every footwear brand in the country to achieve their mission by providing a reliable base for their footwear through innovation, quality and commitment.

Brown Leather Shoe
Image by Kelly Sikkema

3. Raam Leather Trading

Raam Leather Trading was established in year 2017 which deals in non-leather products like Synthetic leather, PU leather and eco friendly leathers which includes Cactus, Leaf, mushroom etc.

The priority is to provide quality non- leather products to our customers and ensure complete satisfaction from the very beginning to the very end.

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